Philips Product Selector plug-in for DIALux

Philips Product Selector plug-in for DIALux 5.2

Makes simulated lighting calculations
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Koninklijke Philips N.V.
Simulates the chosen Philips lighting product and makes lighting calculations. Contains every available lamp from the Philips Internet Catalogue.

The Philips Lamps Plug-in allows specifiers to select and simulate Philips lamps in an easy and simple way. Once a lamp is chosen in the Plug-in the data can be “Send to DIALux” to the selected luminaire. In this way a lighting calculation or simulation can be performed. The plug-in can also be used as a standalone application. In the Plug-in you will find links for every available lamp leading to the Philips internet catalogue (eCat) for additional information. the Plug-in contains LED lamps as well.

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